Alex Sparky Photography




Sasha, I looked at your works with great pleasure - great! Bravo! Well done, that you decided to collect them on the site. I left a couple of comments under two portraits, Yulia and Summer Girl, I liked them most of all. And the photos with shadows and in Victory Park are simply bombastic. You are on the right way, continue this work for sure!!!


Sasha, I just came and got stuck on your site! Very cool!!! It's great that you've finally created your page! You should have come out of the shadows a long time ago! The country should know not only its heroes, but also its talents! In short, I am your future customer, keep in mind!


Magical photos - you have a real talent. It's really very beautiful - I just got stuck watching it! Without exaggeration - it's cool!

Жіноча фотосесія

The photos of that perfect day are not just excellent, but the best of all my 41 years. And all that remains with us forever are emotions, lived moments... Lived not in vain, because we were happy in them! Thanks, Alex, for the wonderful photos and vivid emotions!

Чоловічий портрет

I don't like to be photographed. There was never any professional photo session in my life. No need because among my close friends I have a person who lives by photography. A real amateur craft photographer with his own spark and style. All my profiles include a photo he took once when he caught me, a good angle, good lighting and a moment of inspiration. Recently, Alex launched his own website, where you can see his works. Maybe one day I will be able to come to his personal photo exhibition offline. I highly recommend Alex to everyone who is fond of photography or has a desire to immortalize their image in digital eternity.

Жіночий портрет

Oh, great, it's just a pleasure to look at the photos on the site. I especially love everyday photos of the city and reports... I always can't believe that my photos have survived. Thank you, Alex, your works are the best photos that were taken that evening. And in general.